Native Counselling Services of Alberta

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Bonnyville/Cold Lake & Area: 780-594-3417
Glendon/St.Paul & Area: 780-645-5250

St. Paul

Lakeland Family Resource Network

News & Events

  • “Kids Have Stress Too”
    This workshop helps caregivers identify signs of stress and provides positive coping strategies.
  • “Helping Children Through Divorce and Separation”
    Is your child struggling with confusion, anger, anxiety due to their parents separation? Learn tools to help them cope.
  • “The Impacts of Technology on Children and Youth”
    Are you feeling frustrated by technology overload and are wondering how much screen time if ok? Come and learn ways to balance technology with child development.
  • “Triple P Parenting”
    Triple P is a flexible, practical way to develop skills, confidence and strategies to handle parenting situations. Builds happier families, better relationships and successful kids!
  • Car Seat checks
  • ASQ’s
    Ages and Stages Questionnaires provides reliable, accurate developmental and social-emotional screening between birth-6 years drawing on parents’ expert knowledge. ASQ’s pinpoint progress and catch delays in young children.

Other programming is offered periodically, check their website for more information!

Phone: (780) 645-5311


Lakeland Family Resource Network

News & Events

  • Parent Wellness Compass
    We discuss dealing with guilt and grief, managing stress, improving communication, navigating the system and planning for the journey ahead.
  • Parent Coaching
    Facilitated by caring and non-judgmental professional who understands how difficult care giving can be. You take the lead in one-on-one sessions aimed at helping you find alternative perspectives, uncover strategies to shift behavior, and help to achieve parenting goals
  • TripleP Parenting
    Triple P helps you:
    Manage misbehavior, Set rules and routines, Encourage behavior you like, Take care of yourself as a parent, and Feel confident you’re doing the right thing
  • Love and Logic
    Program for parents who have youth with high needs or have challenging pasts.
    Establishing healthy boundaries, avoiding destructive power struggles, overcoming defiance, and guiding these youth toward success.

Phone: 780-826-2120

Cold Lake Family Connections

Lakeland Family Resource Network

News & Events

For date, times and registration for programming please see Cold Lake Family Connections – City of Cold Lake Or contact below

Phone: 780-594-4495

  • Kids Have Stress Too
    Caregivers of children 0-6 years
    This program teaches caregivers how to help children enhance their coping skills, understand and develop age appropriate expectations, and how adversity and toxic stress impact child development.
  • Baby Connections
    Caregivers and babies 0-1 years
    …because babies don’t come with a manual, join us to discuss baby-related topics. Enjoy time with your little one, learn some new tools for your parenting toolbox and make connections with other parents.
  • Emotion Coaching
    Caregivers and children 0-13 years
    This caregiver capacity building program supports parents and caregivers to understand the importance of emotional intelligence. Parents and caregivers will learn how to recognize, respond to, and validate what their child is feeling. Over the three sessions participants will discover ways to express understanding and empathy, and set limits and support problem solving skills. All of which supports resiliency.
  • Baby Blues
    Caregivers and babies 0-1 years
    Are you struggling after having a baby? Do you feel as if the day to day pressures are too much to handle for you or your partner? Postpartum depression is a type of mood disorder connected with childbirth which effects both sexes. Symptoms may include extreme sadness, low energy, anxiety, extreme crying, and irritability. This monthly program is designed for caregivers of children from birth to age 1. This program is in partnership with Alberta Health Services.
  • Easel Does It
    Caregivers and children 0-6 years
    Children thrive on having a creative outlet and express themselves freely, they will also have the opportunity to practice fine motor skills, experimentation, literacy and creativity. Facilitator will also review/include Triple P tip sheets as an added piece of parenting support. We will also read a social stories to go along with the art project.
  • Sensory Exploration
    Caregivers and children 0-6 years
    This opportunity for sensory activities aims to support infants and children to have access to curiosity, critical thinking and navigating their all their senses. This program may get messy.
  • Home Alone
    Caregivers and children 9-13 years
    Children need to feel comfortable, safe, and equipped to stay home alone. Guardians will also be equipped with the knowledge and resources to help the children in their care to feel safe, responsible, and empowered while at home.
  • Y.E.E.T
    Youth 7-13 years
    The Young Empowerment and Engagement Teen group aims to support young teens to build supportive connections amongst each other and community. This group provides opportunities for self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem development through a variety of activities that reflect the 40 developmental assets.
  • Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting
    Caregivers of children and youth
    Parenting is a joyful, frustrating, exhilarating, and exhausting journey. The challenge is enormous, to take children and guide them toward adulthood, teaching them all they need to know to have a happy and successful life. Positive discipline provides a foundation for parents. It is a set of principles that can guide all of your interactions with your children, not just the challenging ones. Parents will find effective parenting tools, tips and techniques that will help them tackle parenting challenges and build closer family relationships.
  • Nature Play
    Caregivers and children 0-6 years
    Nature play has a powerful influence on early childhood development. This opportunity to explore natural materials and learn about the benefits of nature play and its effects on well-being for both caregivers and children.
  • Active Parenting of Teens
    Caregivers of children 13 to 17

    This program has proven techniques to assist parents to communicate with youth 13 to 17 years old. Learn how to achieve cooperation and solve problems together. Topics covered include the active parent, courage and self-esteem, teen behaviour and problem solving, responsibility and discipline, and cooperation and communication.
  • Triple P Parenting Developing Good Bedtime Routines
    Caregivers of children 0-6
    Children need a good night’s sleep so they have enough energy for the next day’s activities. Parents also need adequate sleep and some childfree time to ensure their own needs are being met. As children grow, they can learn to become more independent in their sleep routine and be less demanding than infants. The goal is for children to develop healthy, independent sleep patterns. This discussion group will give some positive parenting strategies to help caregivers develop a good bedtime routine for their children. 
  • Mad Science
    Caregivers and children 0-6 years
    It is a strong multi-sensory program that goes great with a lot of chemistry, math, and experimentation concepts, and an opportunity for children and parents to work together.
  • Ages and Stages Questionnaires
    Caregivers and children 0-6 years
    It is important to make parents feel supported with their children’s development and to provide access to materials or resources which support all areas of development. Returned ASQ’s will receive scoring and an individual follow up during a time slot on the date below. Caregivers will receive resource tip sheets and an activity to support development at home, or a referral if required.
  • Co-Parenting
    Caregivers of children and youth
    This workshop addresses the importance for co-parents to design a collaborative co-parenting plan to ensure their children’s needs and interests are the focus and priority through separation/divorce and beyond. Ideally parents should develop the parenting plan themselves, using the help of professionals focused on supporting their co-parenting efforts. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to draft a co-parenting plan that will provide structure for how their children will be cared for by both parents.
  • Ooey Gooey
    Caregivers and children 0-6 years
    A messy opportunity to teach caregivers how to facilitate sensory activities at home. Caregivers will learn about the importance of facilitating messy play with young children and how it supports healthy development when they are included and provided with icky, sticky, ooey, gooey, slimy experiences.
  • Busy Builders
    Caregivers and children 0-6
    This child development program focuses on team work, improvised creativity, problem solving and pre-Kindergarten skills through a variety of hands on activities.
  • Milemarks- Grief and Loss for Youth
    Children 7-13 years
    This opportunity for children and young teens will provide social connection and support about grief and loss and how to cope. There will be several topics covered and activities to promote emotional well-being.
  • Literacy Exploration
    Caregivers and children 0-6 years
    When we read aloud to children we can use imagery, our voices, expressions, actions and further examples to reinforce the meaning of words. Exposing children to new words allows them to expand their vocabulary. The program introduces parents to various ways they can support their child’s early literacy and language experiences and, in doing so, helps promote healthy family relationships. Please note the December literacy program will be letters to Santa.
  • Healthy Teeth
    Caregivers and children 0-6 years
    Caregivers and children will learn about dental development in young children as well as the care of teeth and healthy oral hygiene.
  • Active Parenting Now
    Parents of Children Ages 5-12
    This program teaches proven techniques to assist parents to communicate with children aged 5 to 12 years old. Learn how to achieve cooperation and solve problems together. Topics covered include the active parent, courage and self-esteem, routines and problem solving, responsibility and discipline and cooperation and communication.
  • Triple P Raising Resilient Children
    Caregivers of children 0-6
    One of the most important tasks of parenthood is helping children learn to deal with their emotions. All children experience periods of stress in their lives and need the emotional skills to deal with it. Children’s emotional resilience, or ability to cope with their feelings, is important to their long-term happiness, wellbeing and success in life.
  • Preschool Development
    Caregivers and children 0-6
    As an extension of the ASQ questionnaires completed by families, this opportunity is for young children to develop and practice fine motor activities related to school readiness. Caregivers will learn how to promote fine motor activities at home to support their child’s development.
  • Beat the Winter Blues
    Caregivers of children and youth
    Caregivers will feel supported to address mental health issues, coping mechanisms, and ways to foster self-care and manage the winter blues. There will be a component of getting active outside for winter and ways to build the family bond.